Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for coming over to my blog! My name is Ashley Nicole Rice and I started my vegan journey in November of 2017. Since then I have been searching for vegan equivalents to what I used to eat and use in everyday life. That’s one of the reasons I decided to start this blog! I have come across so many amazing products that can be used in a vegan lifestyle – snacks, makeup, beauty products, household goods, and more! And now I want to share that with all of you! Products I am in love with and products that I have yet to try.

It all started with my YouTube channel: Ashley Rice Reviews. On my channel, I started by unboxing and reviewing all of my Vegan Cuts Snack Box products. Then, as my channel grew, I did too and started adding other videos to my channel. After a while, I was no longer able to review all of my Vegan Cuts products on my channel. This is where the idea to start a blog came from.

In this blog I plan to review different products (some from my Vegan Cuts boxes and some not), share lifestyle blogs, vegan recipes, and challenge you to go vegan – one product at a time. But before we get into all of that I am sure you want to know more about me!

(Photo courtesy of Ashley Zapata-Palmer)

My husband and I got married in August 2016. We met in college at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. We were both Theatre majors. We started out as great friends who, later on, became interested in each other. Needless to say, things worked out. 😉 My husband graduated a year before I did with a B.A. in Theatre Arts (Acting and Directing) and I graduated with a B.A. in Theatre Arts (Acting and Directing/ Musical Theatre) and Music (Sacred Music). Yes, we both act in the Twin Cities. We love it! Want to follow my acting side? Check out my Website, my Facebook page, my Instagram, and/or my Twitter.

We own two beautiful cats: Tybalt (Tuxedo) and Mercutio (Red Point). They are Siberian Forest cats and they are brothers. We named them after the Shakespearean characters from Romeo and Juliet. This worked out perfectly because Tybalt was the biggest in the litter – The King of the Cats – and Mercutio is really talkative and sassy. They LOVE to go for walks. If we don’t take them on a walk every few days they get crazy! This makes Minnesotan winters just a tad bit more difficult, but we love it!

I can’t wait to get to know all of you more! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, or things you would like me to blog about! I want to make this a blog that we all can love!